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“Lauren has been my lifeline when I need someone to talk to! Her calming nature, level of understanding, and kind way of helping me come to my own self-realization has been life-changing.”

- Sylvie Le


“Lauren had no easy task. Starting with me during the height of the pandemic I was in a panic. I luckily found Lauren and knew that things were going to be different but she was going to make it work. She was determined from the start. I am a naturally anxious person and this being my first child did not help with the multitude of other things that seemed like obstacles. She sat me down quite a few times before our due date and explained it all to me went over some exercises and things she thought would be helpful to me. These weren't generic things. She genuinely took the time to cater these techniques to my personal journey. Lauren not only was there for me as a doula but genuinely made me feel like I could trust her with anything. The night my water broke she took care of it all, well most of it. She did make me advocate for myself, but being around such a strong woman made me feel like for once I could stand up for what I wanted. I was only allowed a doula and my significant other in the room and as we know sometimes the significant other can have a hard time knowing how to help. She guided him in what would be helpful to me so that they equally supported me. I know everyone has great stories for their birth stories but having Lauren there made it one of the most unforgettable and calming things I have ever done! She is such a strong and kind human being and having her advocate for me and be by my side was the best decision I could have made and I will never be able to thank her enough for it.”

- Mariah


“I was first introduced to the notion of doulas when I was in nursing school. One of the DNP students at my university was doing her thesis on the benefits on having a doula and had several of the undergraduate students volunteer shifts at a birthing center helping provide some of those services. I got the chance to assist in 2 deliveries and I knew after that I wanted a doula to be a member of the team for my birth experience. Fast forward to 6 years later during my first pregnancy. I’m working as an AF nurse in Germany during COVID and Afghanistan refugee missions well into my third trimester. To say I was stressed and overwhelmed is an understatement. Lauren was such a comfort to talk to and reminded me to check into how I was feeling and not overthink the labor that was to come. As I got closer and closer to my due date, I was nervous and excited. However, my due date came and past and I was still pregnant! Lauren helped me remain calm and helped me find peace in waiting until my son was ready to make his way into the world. Lauren was available day or night for me to ask about the sensations I was experiencing, ways to position myself and tips to help promote labor. Nine days after my due date, I went to the hospital for a scheduled induction. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, only my husband was able to be present for my labor. However, Lauren was available via FaceTime to coach me through the thick of my contractions, reminding me to stay present, and sending lots of encouragement. She was also a huge help to my husband in coaching him how he could best support me. Having a doula as a part of our birth team made a world of difference for us and helped me having an overall positive birth experience. Lauren is an amazing advocate and a great support and any woman would be blessed to have her be a part of their labor!”

- Kaitlyn


“I was really grateful for the weekly visits and daily check ins during the post partum period! It really helped to ease my mind. I didn’t know what to expect, but Lauren made sure I was well fed and did daily check ins with me and it really helped my mental state in the immediate post partum period! I would recommend these services to first time moms! It was so hard being away from family after giving birth and Lauren was someone I could count on to check in on me! I would use these services again if I was in the same situation again!”

- Hannah Rae


“I appreciated the focus on being positive and holding strong in my faith not in my own control. ​Were the services provided of value to you? Yes Did the services met or exceed your expectations? Exceeded expectations Would you utilize these services again? Yes Would you recommend these services to friends or family? Yes”

- Rachael


When looking for a doula, I was looking for someone to help me mentally prepare for the birthing journey but mostly to help shape my mindset as I prepared to bring my third child into our family. Lauren was God sent. She accommodated my schedule and last-minute changes, as well as spoke to me in a compassionate yet accountable manner. We clicked! I needed someone who could navigate my moods and hold me accountable to my goals/intentions. She’s got strong emotional intelligence and it showed in how she prepared me for my birthing journey and beyond. Supplying not only scientifically backed data to my questions, but also inspirational words/content/videos. Anytime I began to doubt myself, she supplied the tools to help me fortify my mind to bounce back. Labor and delivery went smooth, and she gave me the space I asked, as well as, checked in on me to make sure I was holding up strong. Any questions I had, she answered with overwhelming assurance. She was able to pinpoint areas of improvement and enlighten me on things I didn’t realize I needed. All this to say – SHE IS AMAZING AT WHAT SHE DOES. SHE’S COMPASSIONATE. She gave me space when needed yet held me accountable to my goals and intentions throughout. She was flexible to my needs and always made me feel comfortable, yet vulnerable enough to grow. I thank God for her services and would hands down chose her again

- Elicia


Lauren helped me to be more in tune with my body and to trust my instincts when it came to my pregnancy and birthing experience. Because of the work that we did, I was able to lean into God, trust my body to do its job and have a positive birth experience. The services exceeded my expectations. Lauren checked in on me throughout each week, not just during our weekly calls. Each session was personalized to meet my needs and concerns and she was quick to adjust when I had a question or concern show up. She not only helped me to know what to do during labor and postpartum, but also supplied my husband with tools to be the best birth partner. The knowledge that I gained during this experience helped me to know when to advocate for myself and when to ask questions through the pregnancy/ birth/ postpartum process. Others should be able to have the same experience! 10/10 :)

- Rachel B

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You are unique. Our tailored mental health coaching helps you harness self-care techniques to navigate parenting with positivity and resilience. Learn more about self-care in our blog post.


Your serenity is paramount. We offer strategies to manage daily stress, allowing you to maintain harmony and balance in your busy life. Discover stress management techniques in our blog post.


Life's challenges are opportunities to grow stronger. Our coaching supports your journey to develop resilience, empowering you to be an inspiring pillar for your family. Read more about developing resilience in our blog post.


Your role in fostering family bonds is invaluable. Our sessions focus on enhancing communication and empathy, creating a home filled with love and mutual understanding. Learn more about fostering empathy in our blog post.

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Postpartum Support

"I'm just starting on my journey for a healthier lifestyle so I was uncertain where to begin and what products to use; Lauren has been right there answering questions and providing recommendations. Lauren is supportive, responsive and takes an individual approach to work through your goals and needs. Looking forward to seeing results! "

- Kim Thompson

Postpartum Support

"Lauren has helped guide me through my most epic weight loss I have ever gone through! It was Lauren's amazing guidance and contagious motivation that helped me stick with the program. Not only did I lose about 30lbs my body feels better than I have ever felt. I feel lighter, less bloated all the time. Lauren is awesome with following up and is easily approachable to ask for support or answer any questions you might have. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for guidance in a life style change!"

- Lauren Dennehy

Postpartum Support

"We did it! I did it! Thank you for all of the help along the way. The breathing technique and constant prayer is really what got me through. I only actively pushed for 15 mins during contractions. Thank you for preparing me for this moment. I have never felt so strong and powerful!"

- Hannah M.

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Postpartum Support

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